Small Foundations

Small Foundation Special

We are dedicating to democratizing and expanding U.S.-based international giving and want to ensure that all of our grantmakers thrive. If your organization has an annual grant budget of less than $5 million, take advantage of our Small Foundation Special. We’ll waive the membership fee, so you’ll save $1,000 per year.

You’ll gain immediate access to the NGOsource portal and see how easy it is to request an ED.

Give Internationally the Same Way Major Foundations Do 

NGOsource provides you with an international team of professionals who understand equivalency determinations (ED) and how they can further your philanthropic goals:

  • Expert attorneys whose longtime career focus has been international giving
  • Local professionals on the ground in the country or the region where your NGO is
  • Native speakers who understand customs and cultures because they live there too and know how to overcome communication barriers to get results
  • In-country partners with a history of experience in evaluating NGOs

When you allow NGOsource to deal with the legalities of your ED, you can spend more time and resources on your other priorities

Access Our Shared Repository of EDs for Added Savings

Take advantage of the work that’s already been done by others. For as long as an ED remains valid in NGOsource’s central repository, NGOsource members can use that ED at a significantly reduced rate. Having a central repository also reduces duplication of efforts and ensures consistent determinations.

Reduce your risk without the expense.

NGOsource’s model follows IRS guidance and interpretations. Our seasoned attorneys have years of experience in international and tax-exempt restrictions. They designed our process and frequently update it to adapt to new developments.

Without such reliable standards and a consistent process, it can be unclear where your grant is going and whether an NGO is legitimate. In the past, organizations had to seek outside counsel at a typical cost of $5,000 to $10,000 per ED.

Get Started Quickly

Requests for EDs are often completed in less than 30 days. Simply complete our membership application to get started and join other grantmakers who believe international giving can be done faster and easier.