Who is allowed to see an NGO's information?

NGOsource recognizes that there are often legitimate safety and security concerns of NGOs and grantmakers due to the nature or location of their work. We are committed to protecting the information entrusted to us.

NGOsource uses a secure technical infrastructure and restricts access to data so that only NGOsource members are able to access our information about certified NGOs. To ensure the legitimacy of grantmaker members, all membership applications are reviewed by NGOsource staff. Grantmaker members are only able to see an NGO's name, country, and ED status. An NGO's detailed information — such as list of activities and budget — is only available to grantmakers who request, pay for, and receive an ED for that NGO. Personally identifiable information (such as individual contact names and email address of such individuals) are only available if specifically consented to by the NGO.

Only personnel at TechSoup, which operates NGOsource, have regular access to an NGO's information. The NGOsource partner assigned to an NGO has access to the NGO's information only while it is supporting that NGO as it completes its questionnaire. Any statistics we share publicly about our ED services express data in aggregate only.

An NGO also has the right to decline to provide information for an ED request; however, this will prevent NGOsource from making an ED. After the NGO has had an ED certified by NGOsource, grantmaker members can access information about the NGO by requesting an ED. At any time, an NGO can contact NGOsource to make their information inaccessible to other grantmakers, but doing so will cause the NGO’s ED to be no longer visible in the repository. 

Please contact us if you have specific concerns, or review our Privacy Policy.