What is the best way to prepare grantees for the ED process?

To help prepare your potential grantees feel free to use the prescreening questions below. It provides a framework to help you assess which organizations are more likely than others to be ready for the ED process. Please keep in mind, the questions cannot conclusively determine whether or not an organization will qualify for an ED but it can serve as a guide for you and the grantee.

  1. Is the organization already registered with the IRS or does it have a U.S. office? Grantmakers can search Guidestar to see if the organization is listed there. EDs are necessary for international organizations. If the organization has a U.S. presence, please contact us for more information to see if an ED is necessary.
  2. Is the applicant an organization, as opposed to a program or project with no formal organizational structure? Applicant must be an organization to qualify.
  3. What is the nature of the applicant’s overall activities; what is its mission and purpose? Applicants must be required to engage primarily in charitable purposes.
  4. Does it seem charitable and/or does it seem to serve the general public?
  5. Does the grantee engage in any activity involving the election of public officials? If they engage in any amount, the applicant will not qualify.
  6. What happens to the organization’s assets upon dissolution?