What do the ED statuses I see on the Grantmaker Portal mean?

ED Requested - Payment Received 
•    MEANS: we have received your payment for the ED
•    NEXT STEP: We will contact the NGO to initiate the ED process

NGO Invited - Awaiting Response
•    MEANS: An invitation email was sent to the NGO, asking them to fill out the questionnaire
•    NEXT STEP: The NGO must fill out the questionnaire

Questionnaire in Process
•    MEANS: The NGO has begun filling out the questionnaire
•    NEXT STEP: We await return of the completed questionnaire

Questionnaire Submitted - In Review
•    MEANS: The NGO has submitted the questionnaire
•    NEXT STEP: We will check the questionnaire and contact the NGO if more information is needed

NGO Contacted - Clarification Needed
•    MEANS: We’ve contacted the NGO to get clarification or more information
•    NEXT STEP: We await clarification from the NGO

ED Completed:
•    MEANS: Legal review has been completed
•    NEXT STEP: If the NGO has been certified, you will find your documents available on the Grantmaker Portal