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NGOs Gain Advantages When Their Funders Use NGOsource

An NGO that has been through the ED process with NGOsource once gains an advantage from already having an ED in our repository because multiple grantmakers can affordably request an ED from us for the same NGO using the current information in our repository. This saves time and expense for both the grantmaker and NGO, and avoids the duplication of efforts when multiple grantmakers need an ED for the same NGO.

New Services: Expedited ED Review & Extended Reviews

We just made two new premium services available to NGOsource members: (1) four-week expedited ED reviews, and (2) extended support if unable to certify an ED. Here are the details and how each works.

Expedited Service

NGOsource now offers four-week expedited equivalency determination (ED) reviews. We’ll review an NGO for ED in about a month.

Where Can You Get an ED for $250 in One Day?

When our general manager, Ken Tsunoda, was contacted recently by an executive at a leading foundation regarding our capabilities, both of them experienced the benefit of NGOsource’s growing repository of equivalency determinations (EDs).

The foundation was interested in joining NGOsource. But they needed an ED quickly. They asked if we could expedite the request and complete it in four weeks.

Vision for the Future: All Donations Welcome — None Are "Small"

When I Was ED for a Family Foundation

Before joining the NGOsource team in 2013, I worked for five years as executive director of a Boston-based family foundation with a lean staff doing international grants. I received an eye-opening education on the challenges facing U.S.-based grantmakers who want to support overseas NGOs.

Legal Changes for Mexican NGOs Add Complexity

The NGOsource legal team keeps close track of legal changes that impact equivalency determinations (EDs) and international grantmaking in countries around the world. We found that changes to NGO laws in Mexico now make it more difficult for the nonspecialist to evaluate Mexican NGOs for an ED. Our NGOsource team has always applied this high level of scrutiny, so our ED process already includes such a review.

How Fast Can We Build This Shared Solution Together?

Heard of the innovative “sharing economy”? This financial model runs the gamut from car sharing to home rental to the familiar co-operative. It is changing not only how we think about consumption, but also what strangers can do through collaboration. Well now grantmakers have their own sharing solution to speed funding to NGOs outside the United States.

Stop By and Say Hello at CoF’s Annual Conference in D.C.

The Council on Foundations will hold its annual conference June 8 – 10, 2014, (preconference June 6 – 7) in Washington, D.C., to examine the “Role of Philanthropy in an Increasingly Polarized Society.”

Win a Free Equivalency Determination (ED)

We’ll have a booth set up at the conference. Just come by to enter our raffle for a chance to win one free ED.