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New Excel Download Feature on Grantmaker Portal

We at NGOsource value member feedback and are tireless in our pursuit of ways that we can improve your grantmaking experience. You told us that it was difficult to track the status of your EDs on NGOsource’s Grantmaker Portal when you have requested dozens of EDs from us. You asked if we could create a way for grantmakers to download that information in a format that's easy to analyze and manage.

NGOsource Reflection

As our new Director of Operations, Kevin Ryan is responsible for all systems, processes and platforms related to NGOsource.  Kevin joined our team in June and came to us with a decade of experience working in and leading nonprofits in a variety of sectors. At the end of 2016, we asked Kevin to share his thoughts on NGOsource.

Celebrating Our 2,000th ED Request

On October 3, NGOsource received its 2,000th equivalency determination (ED) request! Thanks so much to our member grantmakers, partners, and colleagues for all your support in getting us to this milestone.

These 2,000 ED requests represent grants to 1,353 unique organizations in 113 countries around the world, and we have supported those ED requests in five different languages. This milestone is an indication that our ED repository continues to grow rapidly, with an average of more than 100 ED requests per month in 2016.

NGOsource Attends Exponent Philanthropy National Conference

During the last week of September, NGOsource attended the Exponent Philanthropy National Conference in Chicago. Exponent Philanthropy is the country's largest association of funders, with nearly 2,200 members. It is dedicated to serving foundations that have few or no staff members, philanthropic families, and individual donors. Over 1,000 representatives of Exponent Philanthropy members attended the conference, including trustees, staff, and advisors.

How NGOsource Helps Community Foundations Achieve Their Mission

Photo: The Kenya Community Development Foundation supports the Malaa community to provide fresh, accessible water sources. 

NGOsource’s equivalency determination (ED) repository helps community foundations serve their stakeholders by making international grantmaking more efficient. Not only do we work with U.S.-based community foundations as our grantmaker members, but also international community foundations who have had EDs requested by our members. We hope to continue to increase the number of community foundations we work with, both as members and ED recipients.

Results from Our NGO Survey

NGOsource recently conducted a survey of the NGOs for which we completed an ED in the last two years. Through this survey, we received helpful feedback from 150 NGOs in 40 countries that provides insight into how they experience our process of equivalency determination (ED). We are excited to share the following key findings with the NGOsource community.

Three-Year Anniversary Update

March 18, 2016 marked the third anniversary of NGOsource’s launch. In three short years, we’ve come a long way towards fulfilling our mission: to make equivalency determination (ED) easier for both grantmakers and NGOs.

Here are highlights from the last year, and some notes about what to expect from us in the year ahead.