Sector News

Member Update: Exciting Changes in Store at NGOsource and TechSoup!

We are thrilled to announce that Kevin Ryan will now assume the role of general manager for NGOsource. Kevin has done a fantastic job as NGOsource's director of operations and is now responsible for all systems, processes, and platforms related to NGOsource. He and the NGOsource operations team provide support and act as the infrastructure that enables NGOsource's legal team to process equivalency determinations with breakneck speed, unmatched depth, and exceptional quality.

Break Out the Party Hats! A Billion Reasons to Say Thank You

As NGOsource embarks on its 5th year anniversary, we are pleased that we have facilitated well over an estimated $1 billion in international philanthropic giving and received our 4,000th ED request! NGOsource continues to support international grantmaking at an exponential rate - it took us three and a half years to hit 2,000 requests, 9 months to reach 3,000, and less than six months to eclipse 4,000 requests. This is all due to the commitment that our grantmaker members have made to NGOsource’s shared repository model and the sector on the whole.

Member Update: IRS Issues Proposed New Guidelines for DAFs

In Notice 2017-73, issued by the IRS on December 4, (the “Notice”), the IRS announced how it expects to address proposed regulations on donor advised funds (“DAFs”). This is not the first time the IRS has issued interim guidance requesting comments on proposed DAF rules. The Notice draws on earlier requests for comment, dating back to 2006 when DAFs were officially introduced to the Internal Revenue Code.

Sheila Warren Enters New Role as Head of Blockchain Policy at World Economic Forum

 On the eve of our 5th Anniversary, NGOsource would like to wish Sheila Warren, a key contributor to the development, launch and success of our program, all the best as she moves to a unique opportunity creating Blockchain policy at the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Sheila will continue supporting TechSoup and NGOsource in an advisory role.  We want to recognize Sheila’s myriad of contributions to NGOsource as this chapter closes and wish her much success in her new endeavor.

A Note from Kevin: Revenue Procedure 2017-53 Update

Whether you are a lawyer (or not), if you are involved with international grantmaking, you have likely heard about the new guidance issued by the IRS with respect to foreign public charity equivalency determinations.

NGOsource is here to simplify US-based foundation and DAF international philanthropy and to keep the philanthropic sector informed of trends, changes, and developments in the field.  In other words, we are here to read IRS rulings and related guidance and relay the information to you. 

Member Update: Revenue Procedure 2017-53 Further Confirms NGOsource’s Approach

Revenue Procedure 2017-53 (Rev. Proc. 2017-53) was issued by the IRS on September 14, 2017. It updates and modifies 1992 IRS guidance (Rev. Proc. 92-94) with respect to foreign public charity equivalency determinations (“EDs”). Similar to the Treasury Regulations issued in late 2015, the new Revenue Procedure largely confirms NGOsource’s current practices in preparing and issuing EDs for grantmakers. In addition, Rev. Proc. 2017-53 suggests several “preferred” practices in issuing EDs.

W-8 Form Update

At NGOsource we value the questions we receive from our grantmaker members about IRS regulations and strive to keep you informed on current information. Recently, many grantmakers have asked us whether NGOsource’s certification of an NGO as equivalent to a U.S. public charity allows the NGO to identify as a 501c when they are filing out the W8 forms.