Equivalency Determination Validity Period: Timing Your ED Request

As we bring another year to a close at NGOsource, we invite private foundations and donor advised funds (“grantmakers”) to think about how to maximize equivalency determination (ED) validity periods. The ED validity period, which is dictated by U.S. tax law, indicates when a grantmaker can rely on the written advice provided in the ED. The validity period of an ED is based on an organization’s fiscal year.

The Difference Between Public Charities and Private Foundations Revisited

As we approach Thanksgiving here in the U.S. (and Native American Heritage month), NGOsource's legal team would like to extend its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the many grantmakers and NGOs that populate, support, and enrich our ED repository. It is entirely thanks to the expertise, drive, and diversity of our grantmakers and NGOs that we have grown to over 8,000 EDs in 239 countries.

Noncharitable Nonprofit Organizations

Generally speaking, a nonprofit organization is an organization whose primary purpose is to achieve an objective other than the obtaining of profits. A "charitable" organization, however, is a narrower category. The term encompasses nonprofit organizations whose operations principally benefit the general public, usually with additional restrictions around application of assets, lobbying, political activity, and individual benefits to their members.

Racial Nondiscrimination Policies in Schools

An earlier post about 501(c)(3) schools discussed the many requirements that must be satisfied in order for a school to be recognized as a charity under section 170(b)(1)(a)(ii) of the Internal Revenue Code (the Code). In this post, we specifically explore the requirement that schools not discriminate against students on the basis of race, particularly with respect to non-U.S. schools.

Israeli Organizations and ED

As discussed in a previous post, certain countries have legal entity types and tax exemption or charity requirements in their jurisdictions that contain helpful provisions with respect to equivalency determination (ED). One such country is Israel. In this post, we will explore Israeli nonprofit and tax exemption requirements that NGOsource often relies on for ED certifications.