Impact Stories

Changing the System: IDSP’s Impact on Education in Pakistan

Celebrating NGO stories

Since launching in 2013, NGOsource has received over 1100 equivalency determination (ED) requests for NGOs in 99 countries around the world. NGOsource EDs enable the NGOs to receive grant funding that helps them achieve their missions and serve their communities. An NGO we certified in 2014, the Institute for Development Studies and Practice (IDSP) in Pakistan, recently shared their story with us.

Marine Conservation in Madagascar: Community-Based Solutions to a Global Problem

Since certification by NGOsource, Blue Ventures Conservation’s equivalency determination has been used by three different US grantmakers to give grants supporting the largest Locally Managed Marine Areas in the Indian Ocean. Blue Ventures has developed new models for community-led fisheries management, built sustainable aquaculture businesses, and developed effective approaches for integrating community health services with marine conservation.

Building the Future of Water and Sanitation Services: The Work of IRC

Worldwide 780 million people lack access to clean water. Each year more than 3.4 million people die from water, sanitation, and hygiene related causes. While we might take for granted our clean water and reliable sanitation systems, millions of people walk miles from their homes to fetch water that is contaminated and unsafe to drink. IRC is helping to change the dialogue around water, sanitation, and hygiene and build the capacity of local forces working on these issues.

Providing Refuge: The Work of Asylum Aid

Shahzaib's Story

Ever heard of Balochistan? The people of this province in southwest Pakistan have fought a long, bloody battle for independence. Balochistan was once home to Shahzaib, a political activist closely watched by authorities there.

Over the years, most of his fellow activists had been kidnapped or killed, and Shahzaib was twice detained and savagely beaten. During his second spell in detention, both his brother and his uncle were arrested and tortured. Fearing persecution in Balochistan, Shahzaib sought asylum in the United Kingdom.

Rebuilding Lives: Rehabilitating Survivors of Child Trafficking in Togo

Vero: The Story of a Survivor

In her family, Vero was the 8th of 15 children. At an age when her focus should have been on schoolwork and friends, she and her siblings found themselves orphaned after her parents died from AIDS-related causes. Rather than subject herself to the abusive foster parents who took her in, Vero ran away and lived on the streets for two years. Then she spent three years in Gabon as a victim of child trafficking.