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by NGOsource_Team, posted May 7, 2021

In response to the horrific surge of COVID in India, we compiled a list of Indian NGOs working in health and development that have currently valid EDs on file with NGOsource.

by NGOsource_Team, posted August 23, 2020

TechSoup's General Counsel provides an overview of "due diligence" in the charitable sector. Part 1 examines the meaning of the term. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted June 5, 2015

NGOsource members include not just foundations, but also donor advised funds (DAFs), like Schwab Charitable and National Philanthropic Trust. DAFs can affordably offer U.S. donor account holders...

by NGOsource_Team, posted April 15, 2015

In fiscal year 2014, TechSoup Global served more organizations than ever before and added depth and breadth to our program offerings.

by NGOsource_Team, posted April 7, 2015

Two years since the official launch of NGOsource, general manager Ken Tsunoda measures how far we've come. With more and more NGOs getting added to our repository, grantmakers are already seeing...

by NGOsource_Team, posted February 3, 2015

The NGOsource legal team keeps close track of legal changes that impact EDs and international grantmaking in countries around the world. We found that changes to NGO laws in Mexico now make it...

by NGOsource_Team, posted May 19, 2014

We recently celebrated the first anniversary of NGOsource’s launch. Thanks to your support, we’ve had a very successful first year. I thought I’d give you a quick picture of what we’ve...

by NGOsource_Team, posted March 28, 2014

Hello, my name is Ken Tsunoda. I joined NGOsource last June as its general manager. Since then I’ve devoted myself to raising awareness of the vast potential of NGOsource.

by NGOsource_Team, posted February 5, 2014

Our survey results showed 100% of NGOs that responded said they would recommend NGOsource to other grantmakers. Plus an overwhelming number of NGOs reported that our support staff’s responses to...

by NGOsource_Team, posted May 18, 2013

NGOsource, the game-changing equivalency determination service that revolutionizes global philanthropy for U.S. grantmaking, is now operational and open for business.