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by NGOsource_Team, posted June 21, 2021

“Catalytic Philanthropy” was coined by Mark Kramer in an article he wrote for the Stanford Social Innovation Review in 2009.  The article states that a grantor’s role in traditional philanthropy...

by NGOsource_Team, posted May 19, 2021

TechSoup's General Counsel provides an overview of "due diligence" in the charitable sector. Part 2 is intended to serve as a resource guide for grantmakers seeking guidance on starting and...

by NGOsource_Team, posted December 8, 2019

Wishing you a happy holiday season as we look back at 2019 and see what's in store for 2020. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted November 11, 2019

This past month, TechSoup launched its inaugural Global Diversity and Inclusion Awareness Month led by NGOsource's program manager, LaCheka Phillips.

by NGOsource_Team, posted August 9, 2019

NGOsource's senior counsel, Martha Lackritz-Peltier, receives the ABA's 2019 Outstanding Young Lawyer Award.

by NGOsource_Team, posted July 18, 2019

Access the full webinar recording and related documents to our July 2019 webinar on data privacy in the post-internet age.

by NGOsource_Team, posted July 12, 2019

Find out why laws like GDPR have a direct impact on U.S. foundations and nonprofits. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted April 8, 2019

This past month, the TechSoup Global Network, composed of NGOs from 50 countries, gathered in San Francisco for the biennial TechSoup Global Summit, aptly titled “Connect, Activate, Transform.”

by NGOsource_Team, posted February 13, 2019

Thanks to a generous grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, NGOsource has obtained an outside legal opinion confirming our repository’s alignment with current legal requirements.

by NGOsource_Team, posted November 28, 2018

Take a minute to get to know each of our nine global partners. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted October 25, 2018

Access the full webinar recording and related documents to our October 2018 webinar on charitable giving in China.

by NGOsource_Team, posted October 10, 2018

NGOsource continues to grow and strives to provide a robust and diverse set of resources for both grantmakers and international grantees.