Impact Stories

by gsharaga, posted January 15, 2020

Going through the ED process has allowed the ICJ to carry out a wide range of activities including workshops, trainings, and documentation of human rights violations.

by gsharaga, posted October 30, 2019

Going through the equivalency determination process supported Privacy International in accessing new significant funding sources. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted March 9, 2018

Hivos was the first organization in the Netherlands to support the few openly LGBTI activists in Africa, Asia, and Latin America and build a strong LGBTI movement.

by NGOsource_Team, posted February 26, 2018

The Information Group on Reproductive Choice (GIRE) dedicates itself to achieving a cultural transformation in Mexico through the demand for reproductive justice as a human right.

by NGOsource_Team, posted October 31, 2017

Since its founding in 2006, NGOsource’s Brazil-based partner's core focus has been to promote digital inclusion in Brazil.

by NGOsource_Team, posted October 20, 2017

India-based nonprofit Villgro employs game-changing technologies with funding facilitated by NGOsource equivalency determinations.

by NGOsource_Team, posted October 16, 2017

The oldest international women's fund, Mama Cash first completed the equivalency determination process with NGOsource in 2014 - since then, four additional grantmakers have requested their own EDs...

by gsharaga, posted July 19, 2017

TechSoup’s global partner, the Hong Kong Council for Social Service, supports NGOs with equivalency determinations (EDs) and has a tremendous impact on civil society in Hong Kong.

by NGOsource_Team, posted May 27, 2017

The Simone de Beauvoir Leadership Institute is a trailblazer on gender equality issues in Mexico.

by NGOsource_Team, posted May 15, 2017

Semillas (Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer) believes that the leadership of grassroots women in local development is essential to achieving lasting social change

by NGOsource_Team, posted May 2, 2017

TechSoup’s Mexico-based partner Cemefi assists NGOs with equivalency determinations (EDs) and facilitates philanthropy throughout Latin America and Spain.

by NGOsource_Team, posted April 18, 2017

Quality education provided during times of conflict and disaster provide a sense of normalcy, resiliency, and hope for the future.