Impact Stories

by NGOsource_Team, posted August 27, 2021

In light of the 7.2 earthquake that hit Haiti on Saturday, August 14, NGOsource collaborated with the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to provide information on organizations in Haiti that offer support to...

by NGOsource_Team, posted June 29, 2021

The S M Sehgal Foundation shared about its work and how certification through NGOsource impacted the organization during India's COVID-19 wave in spring 2021. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted February 1, 2020

The funding that TAHEA received following the ED process enabled them to implement learnings into a project focused on expanding early childhood development services.

by NGOsource_Team, posted January 15, 2020

Going through the ED process has allowed the ICJ to carry out a wide range of activities including workshops, trainings, and documentation of human rights violations.

by NGOsource_Team, posted October 30, 2019

Going through the equivalency determination process supported Privacy International in accessing new significant funding sources. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted October 18, 2019

The funding NUWODU received as a result of the equivalency determination process allowed the organization to build its internal capacity as an organization empowering women and girls experiencing...

by NGOsource_Team, posted September 21, 2019

Receiving an equivalency determination supported Fern in its work protecting forests and their inhabitants. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted August 18, 2019

The funding that SAMADHAN received after going through the ED process supported its work providing therapeutic services and pre-vocational training to children with special needs.

by NGOsource_Team, posted August 5, 2019

The equivalency determination ControlaTuGobierno received supported the organization in its work to fight corruption and encourage the construction of an active citizenry. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted July 19, 2019

School-to-School Guinea's equivalency determination helped the organization secure funding for a project focused on preparing young people in Guinea for the job market. 

by NGOsource_Team, posted July 5, 2019

The equivalency determination process enabled Children First Foundation to more easily secure support toward its work of providing life-saving medical treatment for children.

by NGOsource_Team, posted June 19, 2019

The equivalency determination process helped Enza, which works to improve the lives of South Africa's LGBTI+ community, gain credibility with potential funders.