Impact Stories

by gsharaga, posted January 15, 2020

Going through the ED process has allowed the ICJ to carry out a wide range of activities including workshops, trainings, and documentation of human rights violations.

by gsharaga, posted October 30, 2019

Going through the equivalency determination process supported Privacy International in accessing new significant funding sources. 

by gsharaga, posted May 19, 2019

Receiving an ED from NGOsource allowed the Memory and Tolerance Museum to establish strong strategic alliances with internationally renowned foundations.

by gsharaga, posted April 27, 2019

The funding that the Dr. CL Smith Foundation received after going through the ED process allowed it to implement key initiatives dedicated to improving the quality of educational outcomes in South...

by gsharaga, posted April 10, 2019

The equivalency determination process supported the National Refugee Council's goal of preserving its independence and allowing for greater flexibility in its programming as the organization works...

by gsharaga, posted March 11, 2019

Having an equivalency determination helped streamline the process for Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator to access US-based funding.

by gsharaga, posted February 12, 2019

See how the ED process helped Women's Legal Aid Centre expand its work empowering women and vulnerable populations.

by gsharaga, posted September 12, 2018

Learn how ED helped the Gaia Foundation establish trust and transparency with potential funders. 

by gsharaga, posted July 28, 2018

The ED Slow Food International received helps them to implement crucial, high-impact activities regarding food systems.

by gsharaga, posted July 19, 2018

Receiving an ED helped the International Detention Coalition raise its profile among grantmakers in its efforts to reduce and eliminate mistreatment of refugees and migrants.

by gsharaga, posted June 25, 2018

We take a look back on the amazing growth of La Conscience, one of the first NGOs to receive an ED through NGOsource, over the past five years.

by gsharaga, posted May 10, 2018

After receiving an ED in May 2014, UK Citizens Online Democracy was able to be more ambitious in its efforts to open up and strengthen civil society.