If I'm on a deadline, can NGOsource rush my ED request?

NGOsource offers four-week expedited equivalency determination (ED) reviews. The fee to expedite is $500. However, this fee is based solely on the successful completion within four weeks; NGOsource will not charge the grantmaker if it takes longer than that, regardless of who causes the delay. During our peak periods, such as end of year and midyear, we must limit expedited service. So this service may not be available during those times.

In order to accomplish such a fast turnaround, we have to require that the NGO provide all information and documentation within two weeks. If the NGO cannot or does not do so, then the expedited status will be canceled and we will not charge the expedited fee unless we do manage to complete the ED within four weeks anyway.

If you'd like your ED review expedited, simply let us know in the “Special Instructions for NGOsource Staff” field when submitting the ED request through our online Grantmaker Portal, or contact us.