How will you help my intended grantees if they have unreliable email or internet access?

Whenever possible, we ask the NGO to complete its questionnaire online. However, because access to technology and the internet varies widely internationally, we have designed our service so that unreliable, infrequent, or slow email or internet access will not negatively affect an NGO's ability to successfully complete its questionnaire or its opportunity for ED certification.

An NGO with limited internet access can go online to print the questionnaire after answering a few screening questions. Or, if internet access is nonexistent, the NGO may ask its NGOsource global partner to mail or fax the questionnaire. In either case, the NGO can complete the questionnaire by hand and mail or fax it to the partner, along with the required documents. The NGO may also submit its answers to the questionnaire by phone through the global partner.

Grantmakers can help by letting us know if the NGO has unreliable internet or email access when making the initial ED request. They can also encourage such an NGO to use the print or mail option to return the questionnaire. Due to our efforts to accommodate NGOs with limited technology, it is possible that these types of ED requests will take longer than the average of 4 to 6 weeks.