How an ED Works

Currently, only U.S. grantmakers and funders (collectively, "grantmakers") are able to initiate the ED process through NGOsource. If you receive a request from NGOsource, it is likely because a U.S.-based grantmaker wants to use an ED for a grant to your organization. This page will walk you through the steps to complete the ED process with NGOsource.

Here’s How NGOsource Works with NGOs:

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1. You receive notification from a grantmaker or funder and NGOsource.

  • In many cases, your grantmaker emails you and introduces you to NGOsource.
  • NGOsource then sends a separate email to explain the ED process and introduce you to an NGOsource global partner that provides support through the process. The email also describes the questionnaire that you need to fill out as well as how to access it.

2. You complete the questionnaire and provide supporting documentation.

  • The online NGO questionnaire contains legally and technically complex questions that the IRS requires. You may contact your NGOsource partner at any time to get help to complete the questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire is available in five languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin Chinese.
  • This phase of the process may take up to four weeks, depending on your availability and other factors.

3. NGOsource begins the ED review process.

  • The NGOsource team (including your NGOsource global partner) evaluates the information provided. Typically, our team completes an ED review within four business days. It may take longer if we need to request additional information or if the review is complex.

4. Your grantmaker receives notification.

  • If your organization is certified as equivalent to a U.S. public charity, your grantmaker is notified.
  • If your organization is not able to be certified, NGOsource notifies your grantmaker and provides a detailed explanation. This information is not visible to other NGOsource members. Members would only see that your organization does not have a current NGOsource certification.
  • In most cases, your grantmaker contacts you to let you know your final ED status.

5. Your organization’s information is held by NGOsource for other ED requests.

  • NGOsource retains a secure and confidential file on your organization with the information needed to process ED requests from other grantmakers. This helps minimize the burden on your organization caused by future ED requests.

Want to Know More?

If you are interested in learning more about NGOsource, you can:

  1. Read our FAQ page.
  2. Subscribe to updates.
  3. Contact us.

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