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  • Find links to laws governing charities around the world. These links represent some of the resources NGOsource references in our EDs and will continue to evolve over time. 

Key Resources

Reports, Studies, and Publications

  • International Grantmaking Update: A Snapshot of U.S. Foundation Trends (PDF)

    Foundation Center, in cooperation with the Council on Foundations, December 2010
    This study provides a brief update on key trends and the current outlook for international giving. It includes estimates of overall giving and international giving through 2010, and an analysis of international giving trends from 2008 to 2010.

  • The Global Role of U.S. Foundations (PDF)

    Foundation Center, 2010
    This report describes the attributes of foundations that allow them to play a significant role in addressing global challenges, examines representative foundation strategies in five key global issue areas, and suggests new global challenges facing foundations today.”

  • "Equivalency or Expenditure Responsibility: A Guide in Plain English" (PDF)

    Betsy Buchalter Adler and Stephanie L. Petit, 2005
    This article provides brief explanations of equivalency determination and expenditure responsibility in order to help grantmakers decide between the two when making an international grant.

Resources for Your Grantees

  • Grantee Toolkit (PDF)

Provide your grantees with this toolkit outlining how to access tech donations, education, and creative content from TechSoup to help them better deliver on their missions.