NGOsource provides many benefits to certified organizations, including:

  • Access to more flexible funding — Certain U.S. grantmakers, including private foundations, generally cannot make a grant to an organization that is not a U.S. public charity unless it uses ED or exercises something called “expenditure responsibility” (ER). ER generally puts greater restrictions on how grant funds are spent and imposes additional reporting requirements. Therefore, an ED facilitates greater flexibility in the use and reporting of funds during a grant cycle, which benefits funders and NGOs alike.
  • Reduced burden for NGOs — With our standardized questionnaire, organizations are no longer tasked with providing duplicative or incongruent data from one grantmaker to the next. Our streamlined ED process and centralized repository makes information accessible for any US grantmaker that is an NGOsource member.
  • Improved experience — It can be difficult to communicate with various funders across different time zones. With our global network of partners, organizations can interact with NGOsource support in their local language and during business hours whenever possible.
  • Increased cross-border philanthropy — By providing an efficient ED process, grantmaker management and staff are able to devote more time and energy to programs and to deepening grantee relationships, which benefits the NGO sector around the world.
  • Certification as equivalent to a 501(c)(3) public charity — Many organizations that have received ED certification from NGOsource feel that it has increased their credibility and visibility with funders. Although future grantmakers must still pay a fee to access the ED, the ED process is more streamlined and reliable after the initial ED certification. Our ED questionnaire also serves as a useful tool to audit an organization’s financial and legal information and make internal improvements.

To read more about how NGOsource benefits the organizations we certify around the world, read the latest impact stories on our blog.