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Three-Year Anniversary Update

March 18, 2016 marked the third anniversary of NGOsource’s launch. In three short years, we’ve come a long way towards fulfilling our mission: to make equivalency determination (ED) easier for both grantmakers and NGOs.

Here are highlights from the last year, and some notes about what to expect from us in the year ahead.


A Rapidly Growing Repository = More Giving

As our central ED repository grows, grantmakers have a greater chance of finding that the ED they want to request has already been certified by us. EDs are delivered within one business day for $250. This sharp reduction in cost makes it much easier for U.S.-based donors of all sizes to provide funding to NGOs around the world, in amounts large and small.  This shared system allows all our grantmaker members to save thousands of dollars and precious hours of staff time. Get the numbers on the repository’s rapid growth and learn what that means for international philanthropy.

NGOs Gain Advantages When Their Funders Use NGOsource

An NGO that has been through the ED process with NGOsource once gains an advantage from already having an ED in our repository because multiple grantmakers can affordably request an ED from us for the same NGO using the current information in our repository. This saves time and expense for both the grantmaker and NGO, and avoids the duplication of efforts when multiple grantmakers need an ED for the same NGO.

Two-Year Anniversary Update

It’s hard to believe that it’s been only two short years since we launched NGOsource in March 2013. Milestones like our two-year anniversary are a great time for reflection. I thought I would take this opportunity to offer a few thoughts on our progress so far, and our vision for the future.