La 27e Région: A Lab for Transforming Public Policies

La 27e Région is an innovation lab dedicated to transforming the public sector in France through citizen-centric design. Based in Paris, La 27e Région was first developed in 2008 in partnership with the Next Generation Internet Foundation (FING) and with support from the Associations of Regions in France (ARF). It has been an independent nonprofit association since 2012.

TAHEA: Enabling the Power of Community-Based Organizations to Bring Change

Founded in 1980, Tanzania Home Economics Association (TAHEA) works every day to empower families and communities experiencing poverty in the Mwanza region of Tanzania to transform their lives socially and economically. This is done through education, training, information sharing, and consultancy services. TAHEA supports full inclusion in the communities and works with small community-based organizations (CBOs) from a strengths-based approach to enhance what families and communities already have.

TAHEA's goals in its work with CBOs are

The International Commission of Jurists: Advocates for Justice and Human Rights

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) was founded in 1952 to foster and strengthen national and international justice systems. Working across five continents, the ICJ is composed of 60 eminent judges and lawyers from all regions of the world and from all legal systems. The ICJ works to ensure that international law, and human rights and humanitarian law in particular, is employed for the protection of the most vulnerable through effective national and international procedures.

Equivalency Determination Validity Period: Timing Your ED Request

As we bring another year to a close at NGOsource, we invite private foundations and donor advised funds (“grantmakers”) to think about how to maximize equivalency determination (ED) validity periods. The ED validity period, which is dictated by U.S. tax law, indicates when a grantmaker can rely on the written advice provided in the ED. The validity period of an ED is based on an organization’s fiscal year.

The Difference Between Public Charities and Private Foundations Revisited

As we approach Thanksgiving here in the U.S. (and Native American Heritage month), NGOsource's legal team would like to extend its heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the many grantmakers and NGOs that populate, support, and enrich our ED repository. It is entirely thanks to the expertise, drive, and diversity of our grantmakers and NGOs that we have grown to over 8,000 EDs in 239 countries.