Where Can You Get an ED for $250 in One Day?

When our general manager, Ken Tsunoda, was contacted recently by an executive at a leading foundation regarding our capabilities, both of them experienced the benefit of NGOsource’s growing repository of equivalency determinations (EDs).

The foundation was interested in joining NGOsource. But they needed an ED quickly. They asked if we could expedite the request and complete it in four weeks.

The NGO for which they needed an ED was already in the NGOsource repository. We issued the ED certificate that same day — for $250.

From day one, NGOsource's mission has been to further international grantmaking through faster, easier, affordable equivalency determination. Our members share an ED repository, so they benefit from each other's efforts while also enjoying our global network. Right here, grantmakers are setting a new standard of cooperation, lowering the cost for everyone involved.

Read Ken's anniversary update on the rapid increase in $250 ED availability.

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