The China Charity Law & Other Regulations in Partnership with ForNGO (Pt. 1)

At NGOsource, we value the importance of providing clarity on issues affecting civil society internationally. We are thus thrilled to announce our partnership with China-based ForNGO, a foremost expert on charity law in China, as well as a grantee that has undergone the equivalency determination process with NGOsource. Over the course of the next few months, ForNGO will share its expertise on the China Charity Law and other regulations in China in weekly articles on the NGOsource sector news blog.

Before we launch this series of articles by ForNGO, we’ll highlight the incredible work the organization is doing on the ground in China.



Team bonding: the ForNGO team and interns 

Founded in 2012 in Shanghai, Legal Center for NGO, operating as “ForNGO”, was the first non-governmental organization (NGO) in China to provide legal support to fellow NGOs under a transformative three-fold mission: (1) to perform academic research concerning NGOs and public interest law; (2) By organizing workshops, lectures, salons and forums, ForNGO helps social organizations to obtain necessary legal knowledge for their operation; and (3) to establish a supporting platform to connect NGOs to legal professionals. ForNGO accomplishes its mission through the following three primary methods:

Legal Research

ForNGO works to further the progress of nonprofit legislation in China by researching relevant nonprofit laws. It has published several reports and books as a result of its research, including the China Charity Law Guidebook, Study on the Law and Practice of Internal Governance of Social Organizations, and the Guide to Legal Practice for Chinese Social Organization.

Capacity Building

ForNGO’s open philanthropy courses, which include lectures, salons, and forums, train NGOs on assisting themselves in simple legal matters. Over 3,000 NGOs, both in China and abroad, have benefitted from ForNGO’s capacity building program.

Pro Bono Clearinghouse

Acting as a pro bono clearinghouse, ForNGO refers NGOs to lawyers and law firms for legal services, including contract review and legal support. Since 2016, hundreds of lawyers and law school students have provided over 4,000 hours of pro bono support to NGOs in China via ForNGO’s platform.

Follow the Series

Delve into the details and implications of legislation affecting the nonprofit sector in China with this comprehensive list of articles covering ForNGO's China Charity Guidebook:

We thank Callen Fang of ForNGO for his contributions to this article.

Photo used with permission from ForNGO.