TechSoup's Unparalleled Global Solution to Validate NGOs

Many in the philanthropic sector know about NGOsource, the TechSoup service that helps U.S. grantmakers streamline their international giving through a shared equivalency determination repository. For NGOsource, TechSoup's legal team validates that NGOs based outside the U.S. meet the standards of a U.S. public charity.
What is less known is that TechSoup also has a service to verify that NGOs meet the local charity standards of the country where they are located. Validated organizations are then considered eligible to receive in-kind gifts, employee or corporate giving, employee volunteerism, individual giving, and/or charity sales. With the support of its 66 global partners, TechSoup verifies the charitable status of 150,000 nonprofits annually across 236 countries and territories. TechSoup's capability to validate the credentials of nonprofits globally, in combination with a database of over 800,000 nonprofits that it has already validated, is unparalleled.
Leading organizations like Google, AirBnB, Slack, Benevity, World Bank, and Microsoft all rely on TechSoup to confirm the credentials of nonprofits anywhere in the world. They use TechSoup's validation solutions to qualify nonprofits for philanthropic offerings like donated and discounted goods and services, donations from corporate giving programs, and volunteer engagement from their employees.

Validation Solutions in Action

More than 100 of the U.S.'s largest corporations and sector institutions already turn to TechSoup to support the validation of nonprofits, and the list is growing.

The World Bank, for instance, uses validation solutions for its employee matching gift program. The Bank's regional office staff members nominate NGOs they'd like to support in their home country. and TechSoup completes the behind-the-scenes validation of the nominated NGOs to ensure their legitimacy and eligibility for donations. The World Bank then matches the employees' contributions two-to-one. Since the World Bank began validating organizations through TechSoup, the amount of money it has matched has tripled.

On a larger scale, Microsoft uses validation solutions to offer its Office 365 cloud-based suite free to eligible nonprofits almost anywhere in the world. TechSoup supports Microsoft by determining the nonprofit's charitable standing while also collecting relevant information about the organization's mission and activities. In this way, TechSoup ensures that the organization meets Microsoft's eligibility criteria. By partnering with TechSoup to support its validation, Microsoft has reached a wider market of non-profits with high interest in their product.

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These are just two examples of the many customers TechSoup serves using its suite of validation offerings. If you are looking to add your organization's resources to the virtual marketplace we've created for the sector, or if you're trying to reach one of the hundreds of thousands of NGOs we serve, give us a call. TechSoup offers an easy and scalable way for you to serve the nonprofit community around the world. To learn more, please contact Paul van Haver at pvh [at] techsoup [dot] org or Kyle Reis at kreis [at] techsoup [dot] org.