TechSoup Launches Global Platform

On May 15, 2015, a staff member at a rural development organization in India registered with TechSoup. NGOs around the world register every day to receive support from TechSoup's many technology-based services, but this registration was significant because the staff member was the millionth to sign up.

Their choice to join TechSoup marked an important milestone in our goal to help all social benefit organizations on the planet get and use the technology they need to best serve their communities. Today, we are proud to announce another milestone: With the launch of our new platform www.TechSoup.Global, we are able to deliver critical technology capacity building tools and services to organizations anywhere in the world.

NGOsource is a project of TechSoup and the Council on Foundations. TechSoup is committed to working with NGOsource member grantmakers who understand the potential for technology as an enabler to their grantees. Through this global expansion, TechSoup can now partner with grantmakers to get technology into the hands of their grantees globally.

On average, the NGOs TechSoup serves save $17,800 in technology overhead costs, funds that can be re-invested in their mission critical programming. More than 90 percent report a significant increase in their operational efficiencies after accessing TechSoup's technology donation and training programs.

TechSoup has now defined what it means to be a legally recognized NGO in every country in the world (except for a small number of countries that are subject to U.S. economic sanctions). In doing so, TechSoup has established a baseline of understanding from which we can build a range of services for stakeholders who are interested in developing civil society globally.

Through this global expansion, we can now partner with grantmakers to get technology tools and training into the hands of their grantees around the world. We can work with grantmakers to complement their grantmaking programs with our technology donations. As a result, grantees can reduce their technology-related overhead costs, while ensuring that they have legal, secure, and supported technology and freeing up grant funding for mission-critical programming.

To explore how TechSoup might support best support your grantees' technology access and adoption, visit or email us at  We look forward to serving you and your grantees while investing in a stronger civil society with you through www.TechSoup.Global.

This post was written by Chris Worman, senior director of Alliances and Community Engagement at TechSoup.