Results from Our NGO Survey

NGOsource recently conducted a survey of the NGOs for which we completed an ED in the last two years. Through this survey, we received helpful feedback from 150 NGOs in 40 countries that provides insight into how they experience our process of equivalency determination (ED). We are excited to share the following key findings with the NGOsource community.

A high priority for NGOsource is ensuring that the ED process is streamlined and accessible for all NGOs. From start to finish, there is a consistently high level of satisfaction with our ED process for the NGOs we have certified. In our survey, nearly all NGOs reported that they are either very satisfied or satisfied with both our questionnaire and our customer service. Additionally, nearly all NGOs we work with would recommend NGOsource to U.S. grantmakers.

In addition to receiving funding from their U.S. grantmakers, NGOs report a variety of benefits from the NGOsource ED process: credibility with new grantmakers, high-quality assistance throughout the process, efficiency for future ED requests, and an opportunity for internal improvements within the organization. Chi Laigo Vallido at the Forum for Family Planning and Development in the Philippines explains the benefits as the following:

“NGOsource protects the interests and satisfies the requirements of US grantmakers, while giving NGOs from outside the U.S. an opportunity to access funding by being qualified and accredited, because policies for NGO accreditation vary from country to country…While we went through the process to be able to access funds from U.S. grantmakers, in the end, we also benefitted by making our organization more efficient and professional.”

The survey also gave us an opportunity to identify ways to improve the NGO experience. In the coming months, NGOsource will be identifying ways to streamline our communications with NGOs throughout the ED process. We will also work to provide more educational resources for NGOs before, during, and after the ED is completed.

As our repository of NGOs grows, we are always looking for ways to ensure that both the grantmakers and NGOs we work with have a positive experience with NGOsource. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


Photo © Howard Koons