Portuguese Is Here!

NGOsource now offers equivalency determinations for Portuguese-speaking NGOs. Thanks to support from Ford Foundation, which is also one of our members, we now have funding to engage our TechSoup Global partner Associação Telecentro de Informação e Negócios (ATN) (also known as TechSoup Brasil) for NGOsource equivalency determinations in Portuguese.


Portuguese is our fifth language, as we already perform equivalency determinations (EDs) in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. We know this capability will allow us to dramatically expand our coverage of NGOs throughout the Portuguese-speaking world.

TechSoup Brasil

A nonprofit organization established in 2006, ATN-TechSoup Brasil is located in the capital city of Brasília in the Distrito Federal. In addition to supporting NGOsource EDs in Portuguese and enriching our language capabilities, ATN-TechSoup Brasil’s mission is to improve social and economic conditions through digital inclusion. Corporate and university partnerships and its network of telecenters allow ATN-TechSoup Brasil to provide various services that contribute to the development of communities and civil society, such as digital literacy courses, vocational training courses, undergraduate and postgraduate virtual courses, and financial services. It runs the Telecentre.org Brazilian National Academy offering e-learning courses on managing telecenters and is a Microsoft partner providing software and computer classes at telecenters.

Increasing Global Philanthropy

We look forward to working with NGOsource members on EDs in Portuguese and expanding philanthropy efforts for Portuguese-speaking NGOs.

Image: Ford Foundation, ATN-TechSoup Brasil

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