Our Commitment to Data Security

NGOsource, a project of TechSoup and the Council on Foundations, was created for the sector, by the sector, and is committed to continuing to evolve to meet the ever-changing landscape of international philanthropy. We prioritize compliance and data security, especially given the emergence of data protection laws, like the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).The development of our Cooperative Technology Platform (CTP) is helping us ensure compliance and protect your personal data.

The CTP is TechSoup’s next-generation technology platform that provides a secure, scalable platform supporting our programmatic goals across the sector as a multi-sided platform. The CTP allows a vastly larger segment of validated civil society stakeholders to connect, exchange information, and share approaches to working internationally. It enables them to better navigate barriers to entry and arms international NGO/NPOs with the technology and resources to facilitate social good.  

The CTP features state-of-the-art processes and security protocols that will not only transfer the way NGOsource collects, stores, and uses data, but will allow NGOsource to protect and secure data it processes or transfers. These processes and protocols protect the privacy of partners, grantmakers, and NGOs. In addition, the distributed nature of CTP data storage, and the modern technology underpinning the platform, ensure better protection, stability and eliminate downtime, which collectively make the system more secure.  The CTP is built to comply with the ever-changing regulatory framework and protect your data, limiting your concerns. Privacy is and will remain a top priority for us at NGOsource and company-wide across TechSoup.

NGOsource approaches data security and privacy issues with sincere gravity and mindfulness. We consider protecting the data of the NGOs we serve second to none and consider the partnership we proudly engage in with Grantmaker Members and their NGOs to be nothing short of sacrosanct.  Our attention to and efforts in GDPR are just a small sign and signal of our overall commitment to the subject, demonstrative of this we are proud to announce the promotion of our very own Meghan Hanson to Chief Compliance Officer and Deputy Counsel for TechSoup (and NGOsource).  Meghan has spent the last five years leading the legal efforts and completing gold standard ED reviews at a dizzying rate as well as helping lead the NGOsource team.  Meghan will continue to serve and lead the NGOsource team and legal efforts as well as work on the broad and ever evolving legal needs of the TechSoup Global Network. 

The world is changing at a compounding rate, and Meghan will help guide and build TechSoup’s compliance program. In this new role, Meghan will work both across teams and at an enterprise-level to develop and ensure TechSoup has the necessary resources in place to excel in our evolving landscape.  Compliance is fundamentally about trust and across TechSoup. No one better exemplifies those values than Meghan Hanson.