NGOs Gain Advantages When Their Funders Use NGOsource

An NGO that has been through the ED process with NGOsource once gains an advantage from already having an ED in our repository because multiple grantmakers can affordably request an ED from us for the same NGO using the current information in our repository. This saves time and expense for both the grantmaker and NGO, and avoids the duplication of efforts when multiple grantmakers need an ED for the same NGO.

Many International Funders + Billions in International Grants

As NGOsource grows, we add more NGOs' information to our ED repository. We have received more than 800 requests for equivalency determinations (EDs) from our grantmaker members. More than 100 grantmaker funders in the United States are NGOsource members, including 14 of the 20 largest international funders, corporate foundations, family foundations, and donor advised funds. Our members give in excess of $2.2 billion in international grants annually. As more international grantmakers become members, using one central repository can make it faster and easier for the philanthropic community to do the EDs necessary for their international grants.

NGOs and Grantmakers Save Time and Expense, Increase Efficiency

If an NGO receives — or is hoping to receive — funding from U.S. grantmakers, NGOsource makes the process easier and more efficient for the NGO and the grantmaker.

Our service prevents duplication of efforts by dramatically reducing time-consuming paperwork the NGO must do before a grant is awarded. Rather than complete repetitive information requirements for multiple grantmakers using different processes, we use one standard process every time and streamline the ED evaluation process to avoid information overlap. (Not to mention our network of global partners work directly with NGOs in their region, time zone, and language, with an understanding of local customs.)

Multiple Grantmakers Benefit from the Same Information

When we do an ED for one member grantmaker, another member can get an ED for that same NGO in one day for $250, based on information already provided by the NGO the first time.

And if a funder is not yet an NGOsource member, joining is easy (smaller foundations have no membership fee).

If an ED is already in our repository, the ED is $250 with next-business-day service.

If an ED is already in our repository, the ED is $250 with next-business-day service.

What Do NGOs Think of NGOsource?

We certified CIDRZ, an NGO in Zambia, with an ED for a leading funder. CIDRZ proudly said that “earning [ED] status and being considered equivalent to a U.S. public charity makes it much easier for important potential donors . . . to confidently consider CIDRZ as a grantee, and allows CIDRZ to operate more efficiently with these donors.”

How to Get Started

NGOs can ask their grantmakers to contact us directly for EDs. NGOs can also feel free to reach out to us if they have questions about how to benefit from NGOsource. As general manager, I am always pleased to answer any questions and explain in more detail how NGOsource works.



Ken Tsunoda is general manager of NGOsource. Reach out to him at ktsunoda [at] techsoupglobal [dot] org or contact us anytime.


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