New Services: Expedited ED Review & Extended Reviews

We just made two new premium services available to NGOsource members: (1) four-week expedited ED reviews, and (2) extended support if unable to certify an ED. Here are the details and how each works.

Expedited Service

NGOsource now offers four-week expedited equivalency determination (ED) reviews. We’ll review an NGO for ED in about a month.

Fee. The fee to expedite is $500. However, this fee is based solely on our successful completion within four weeks; we will never charge you if we take longer than that, not for any reason — regardless of who causes the delay.

NGO responsiveness. In order to accomplish such a fast turnaround, we have to require that the NGO provide all information and documentation within two weeks. If the NGO cannot or does not do so, then the expedited status will be canceled and we will not charge the expedited fee unless we do manage to complete the ED within four weeks anyway.

Peak restrictions. During our peak periods, such as end of year and midyear, we must limit expedited service. So this service will generally not be available during those times.

How to request expediting. If you'd like your ED review expedited, simply let us know in the “Special Instructions for NGOsource Staff” field when submitting the ED request through our online grantmaker portal. Or contact customer service.

Extended Services (If Unable to Certify an ED)

When the NGO is determined not to be equivalent. Whenever we are unable to certify an NGO for ED, first we notify the grantmaker. The grantmaker then determines how to handle communication with the NGO about not being found equivalent to a U.S. public charity (thus not getting certified for an ED). At this point (1) the NGO may be able to immediately resolve the issue, (2) it may take further guidance and more work by the NGO to reach ED certification, (3) the grantmaker may not wish to continue the process, (4) in some cases the NGO may not be able to remedy the issues or it may otherwise prove impractical.

Immediate resolution. If the NGO resolves the issue immediately after a single follow-up, we’ll issue an ED at our regular rate. When our legal team confirms that we cannot certify an NGO based on the current facts, we follow up once with the grantmaker and NGO to see if the necessary action to become ED certified is something the NGO can resolve immediately. If this last guidance and the NGO response resolves the issue immediately (without any further guidance on our part), then we will issue an ED certification for that NGO.

Resolution within 6 months. If ED resolution requires additional time and the grantmaker wants us to continue, we can extend our services by offering limited support at a fixed rate to cover our costs. Typically this will be a fixed fee of $200 for roughly an hour of time from a member of our team, which might involve providing sample text for governing documents or answering questions via email.

After 6 months, if we have not received the requisite materials to certify the NGO for ED, the NGO will remain in our system as pending further input (unapproved ED status).

Resolution thereafter. If the grantmaker asks us to reopen the ED review after that 6-month period because the NGO has made the requisite changes, in most cases we can extend services further for a fixed fee of $400 to review the case again. This fee should cover the additional cost of collecting and reviewing the new information and/or any updated financials.

Suggestion Box

If you have other ideas on how we can improve our services, or other new services you think we should consider adding, write or call us today (+1 855-646-7723). We strive to make NGOsource the ideal solution for handling ED so that NGOs around the world can get the funding to continue solving grassroots issues from their own perspective. So go ahead, tell us what you think.

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