Meet Our Global Partners

NGOsource supports U.S. grantmakers in streamlining their international grantmaking, but none of our efforts would be possible without our nine global partners located across the world. Each of our global partners works directly with NGOs to help them navigate the equivalency determination (ED) process. By working with our global partners, NGOs gain a better understanding of specific requirements as well as how NGOsource works.

These partners are all part of the TechSoup’s Global Network  — a revolutionary and one-of-a-kind 70 organization strong network of capacity-building organizations — and are each familiar with local laws, customs, and civil society in the regions they serve. They offer NGOs expert and high-quality support, often in local languages and time zones.

Our global partners’ involvement enables NGOsource to efficiently process EDs from every country in the world. They are truly one of the elements that set NGOsource apart and helps us achieve our altitudinal NGO and grantmaker satisfaction rates.   

Take a minute to get to know each of NGOsource's global partners:

Associação Telecentro de Informação e Negócios (ATN)

Located in Brazil, ATN provides Portuguese- and English-language equivalency determination (ED) support for organizations in Portuguese-speaking countries. Learn more about ATN.

Centre for Social Innovation

Our Canadian global partner, Centre for Social Innovation, supports French-speaking NGOs across the globe through the ED process. Learn more about Centre for Social Innovation.

Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (Cemefi)

Based in Mexico, our global partner Cemefi assists NGOs in Mexico, throughout Latin America, and Spain with ED support in both Spanish and English. Learn more about Cemefi.

Connecting Up

Our Australian global partner, Connecting Up, provides ED support for organizations all around Southeast Asia and Oceania. Learn more about Connecting Up.

Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS)

Based in Hong Kong, our global partner HKCSS helps NGOs across East Asia navigate the ED process. Learn more about HKCSS.

Nasscom Foundation

Our Indian global partner, Nasscom, assists NGOs all over South Asia and the Middle East through the ED process. Learn more about Nasscom.


Located in South Africa, our global partner Phambano, supports NGOs throughout Africa through the ED process. Learn more about Phambano.

Charity Digital

Our British global partner, Tech Trust, provides ED support for English-speaking NGOs spanning 3 continents. Learn more about Charity Digital.

TechSoup Europe/Fundacja TechSoup (FTS)

Based in Poland, TechSoup Europe provides English-language support for NGOs in countries spanning all of Europe. Learn more about TechSoup Europe.