Looking Back and Forging Ahead: 2019 Recap

This has been a huge year of growth and change for NGOsource. We've developed, in partnership with the Start Network, a new uniform due diligence assessment tool aimed at forging a new era in humanitarian aid, launched our organization's first diversity and inclusion awareness month, and worked day in and day out to help you do what you do best: change the world. This past year, we facilitated more than 2,000 EDs for over 1800 NGOs in 119 countries - over 900 ED requests since September alone. NGOsource has to date received over 8,300 ED requests for 3,800 unique NGOs in every corner of the map and facilitated over 4 billion dollars in international grantmaking. 

Our impact is the investments and change you bring to bare on the world’s ever-compounding challenges. We are so proud to be your trusted partner in your transformative good. Those living at-risk around the globe will almost certainly be at increasing risk in the coming decade, we will be by your side in working to build a more equitable planet. 

We are so grateful for you, the amazing grantmaker members, NGOs, and supporters that help make our work possible. Every day, you work tirelessly to make the world a better place, and we feel very fortunate to play a small piece in those efforts. Looking ahead to the new year, we are very excited to share a number of changes that will allow us to further improve our work in the philanthropic sector. We cannot wait to share that journey with you. 

From our NGOsource family to you and yours, we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Want to learn more about our work in the humanitarian sector? Check out our 3-minute video below for a sneak peek at the STEP Framework, which aims to replicate the success of the NGOsource model in the delivery of humanitarian aid. With ongoing collaboration and support, we hope to bring the promises of the Grand Bargain to fruition, using due diligence as a tool to empower localization and inclusion.