Kevin Ryan and Martha Lackritz-Peltier to Speak at the World Humanitarian Action Forum

This October, over 300 people from the global South and North are expected to join together in Istanbul, Turkey to share and collaborate on responses to issues facing the social sector. This initiative, known as the World Humanitarian Action Forum, aims to foster dialogue and action by bringing together individuals across the globe who are passionate about making a difference through effective humanitarian work. 

This year’s forum theme is “Dignity in Humanity.” Roundtable working groups will work to address the following topics in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and World Humanitarian Summit commitments:

  1. Increasing financial access, inclusion, and innovative solutions
  2. Localization solutions, shrinking civil society, and local leadership
  3. Humanitarian conflicts
  4. Climate change, disaster reduction, migration, and community resilience 

We are pleased to announce that Kevin Ryan, NGOsource’s general manager and TechSoup’s chief culture & transformation officer, and Martha Lackritz-Peltier, NGOsource’s chief counsel and TechSoup’s associate general counsel, will speak on a finance round table focused on countering the financing of terrorism in humanitarian aid.  Martha and Kevin, who recently returned from an assembly in Qatar addressing similar issues, will speak to policy and technology solutions to increase access and opportunity.

Stay tuned next month for updates and takeaways from the forum, and learn more about the event here.