How Leading Corporate Funders are Using NGOsource and TechSoup

Photo: Your Health Your Choice is a project funded by the Medtronic Foundation in partnership with The Community Foundation for Ireland. Read more about this project and others in our Impact Story. © The Marie Keating Foundation via The Community Foundation for Ireland.

How leading corporate funders are using NGOsource and TechSoup philanthropic services

We are excited that corporate foundations and corporate philanthropy programs are increasingly joining NGOsource, a joint project of TechSoup and the Council on Foundations, to support their international grantmaking.

Levi Strauss Foundation, DuPont, Alcoa Foundation, and Medtronic Foundation are among the leading corporate funders who are entrusting NGOsource to conduct equivalency determinations (EDs) on foreign NGOs they wish to fund.  ED is a process U.S.-based foundations can use to meet their tax compliance requirements when they make grants to non-U.S. NGOs. Some corporate philanthropy programs are also using ED as part of their process for vetting prospective grantees not because it’s a requirement, but because the high level of due diligence is a best practice.

This month’s NGOsource Update features an excellent case study showing how Medtronic Foundation was able to use the NGOsource repository to quickly acquire an ED for The Community Foundation for Ireland. The ED helped them expedite launching a high-impact health program benefiting local communities in Ireland. This case study demonstrates how NGOsource works with corporations, like Medtronic, to accelerate their corporate philanthropy. It also shows how we decrease the burden on grantees, because organizations are no longer tasked with providing duplicative or incongruent data from one grantmaker to the next. Our streamlined ED process and centralized repository makes information accessible for any US grantmaker that is an NGOsource member, meaning organizations like The Community Foundation for Ireland benefit from having an ED in the NGOsource repository.

Corporate philanthropy professionals will be pleased to know that in addition to NGOsource, TechSoup has a broad range of services that can help companies achieve their philanthropic goals. These services include TechSoup’s product donation program to support technology companies’ product philanthropy, as well as validation solutions to verify that an organization is eligible for support before offering in-kind gifts, employee giving, charity sales, or cash grants.

TechSoup Product Donation Program

For two decades, TechSoup has run one of the largest technology philanthropy programs in the world, providing donated and deeply discounted technology products and services to NGOs and libraries – in 236 countries and territories around the globe. Through our product donation program, over 700,000 qualified organizations can request product donations and services from leading technology corporations through a multilingual, user-friendly online platform.

TechSoup works with over 100 corporate partners who donate technology products and services (including best-in-class software from companies like Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Intuit, and Symantec and quality refurbished hardware). NGOs browse an online catalog including more than 375 products, available in their language on a localized platform, to identify, request, and learn about technology resources they need. These are delivered, with appropriate localization, through collaboration with the TechSoup Global Network, our network of 62 trusted NGO partners around the world. TechSoup and its network have enabled NGOs to save more than US$5.5 billion in retail IT expense since we launched.

TechSoup Validation Solutions

In addition to the donated technology products and services available through our online catalog, TechSoup can enable corporations to make their own offers directly to NGOs around the world. Corporate philanthropy programs that provide in-kind gifts, employee giving, charity sales, or cash grants need to validate that the organizations requesting these resources are valid charities in their home countries. The TechSoup Global Network has the expertise and rigorous systems for providing trusted information on validated organizations and helping organizations connect to giving resources. We apply that know-how to meet a spectrum of needs from relatively simple to reliable for tax purposes. And we offer local outreach and support as well as opportunities for peer networking and access to capacity-building resources.

TechSoup has collected data from over 700,000 NGOs worldwide and can offer validation in 236 countries and territories. We validate 150,000+ NGOs per year, working with corporate partners including Microsoft and Google. TechSoup offers validation solutions in a variety of formats to make giving easy. When a donor needs to determine if an NGO, nonprofit, or charity in its home country is legitimate and to integrate with the data and systems that support its giving programs, TechSoup can help.

How Do We Get Started?

Ken Tsunoda, NGOsource general manager, can answer any questions you may have about TechSoup’s philanthropic services for corporate funders. Reach out to him anytime at ktsunoda [at] techsoupglobal [dot] org or call him directly at +1 415-633-9328.

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