How Fast Can We Build This Shared Solution Together?

Heard of the innovative “sharing economy”? This financial model runs the gamut from car sharing to home rental to the familiar co-operative. It is changing not only how we think about consumption, but also what strangers can do through collaboration. Well now grantmakers have their own sharing solution to speed funding to NGOs outside the United States.

The NGOsource ED repository brings grantmakers together collaboratively. If one member requests an ED for an NGO, that work is already done when another member needs an ED for that NGO. As more and more EDs are completed, they're added to the ED repository. Members collectively save time, share resources, and help each other. The shared benefit continues to grow exponentially to benefit all members by reducing their overall costs and expediting their international giving.

Grantmakers have created a "sharing economy" of EDs here to help support causes around the globe.

For more detail, learn how the ED process works and how the ED repository reduces costs for every member.

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