Global Partner Spotlight: Hong Kong Council of Social Service

As part of TechSoup's global partner network, NGOsource's nine global partners assist NGOs in navigating the equivalency determination (ED) process. Support in local languages and time zones enables NGOs to better understand the specific requirements of the ED process and how NGOsource specifically works.

In Hong Kong, our partner the Hong Kong Council for Social Service (HKCSS) facilitates the ED process and also has a tremendous impact on philanthropic society. 

Promoting Development of Social Welfare 

HKCSS has many accomplishments to celebrate as it marks its 70th anniversary this year. Established in 1947, HKCSS comprises over 460 social service agencies working together to provide high-quality social welfare service throughout Hong Kong. As part of its work, HKCSS pinpoints high-priority social issues and subsequently endorses policies to the government that are focused on healthy social change. In addition to its partnership with the government, HKCSS works across business and professional sectors to foster social responsibility in Hong Kong. 

Demo at the 2017 Gerontech and Innovation cum Summit

One of HKCSS's major initiatives focuses on technology for the aging in the belief that gerontechnology is essential to the sustainability of an aging society. This past June, HKCSS organized the Gerontech and Innovation cum Summit to promote community awareness and know-how on the subject. The event was attended by over 43,000 people and included sessions on robots, smart city development, and smartphone applications. It laid a strong foundation for continued efforts to develop purpose-built products and services to enable the aging in Hong Kong to live with independence and dignity.

Helping the Underserved to Be Seen

Grace Lai and Peter Kwok of HKCSS with NGOsource associate general counsel Meghan Hanson

As a vital member of the TechSoup global partner network, HKCSS fully commits itself to supporting international philanthropy through its work with NGOsource. Grace Lai, a project manager at HKCSS, comments that among the many benefits NGOs receive as a result of the ED process, it is particularly "a positive encouragement … for their hard work and commitment in helping the disadvantaged populations and underserved to be seen and affirmed." Thanks to HKCSS, NGOs in Hong Kong and beyond will continue to feel seen and affirmed for the next 70 plus years.

Top photo: HKCSS staff

All photos used with permission of HKCSS (c) 2017.