Global Partner Spotlight: ATN

As part of the larger TechSoup Global Network, NGOsource's global partners provide high-quality, personalized customer service to NGOs around the world. NGOs greatly benefit from the support of these partners' ability to provide support in the organization's time zone and preferred language.

Our Brazil-based partner, Associação Telecentro de Informação e Negócios, (ATN) provides both Portuguese- and English-language equivalency determination (ED) support for organizations working in Portuguese-speaking countries. In addition to facilitating the NGOsource ED process, ATN operates the TechSoup Brasil Donation Program in conjunction with TechSoup and also works to support social development through new technologies throughout Brazil.

Training for Digital Inclusion

Since its founding in 2006, ATN's core focus has been to promote digital inclusion in Brazil. Every year, ATN benefits more than 10 million users through digital literacy, professional training, and undergraduate and postgraduate distance courses. ATN customizes learning content in partnership with companies, universities, and nonprofits to serve the respective partners' training needs. This includes a free digital inclusion literacy program offered in partnership with Microsoft. The digital literacy courses help users learn to use basic computer technology on a daily basis in order to gain new social and economic opportunities.

Public Access to Computers

In addition to trainings, ATN also facilitates the development and sustainability of telecenters throughout Brazil. ATN manages networks of these public spaces where individuals can access computers and other technologies to connect with others and develop digital skills. Universities also partner with ATN to research and develop new technologies and methodologies for training telecenter staff and users.

A Benefit to the Social Sector

Individuals and NGOs that use ATN's services benefit greatly. Leon Monteiro of ATN notes that after accessing ATN's services, NGOs are "able to host and promote their events and workshops ... using the best technology tools in the world for a good cause, gathering more people to help on their mission and being able to move forward." It's clear that ATN is making its mark on Brazil and ultimately the world through its enablement of capacity building, digital literacy, and global communication.

Top Photo: ATN Staff

Photo used with permission from ATN (c) 2017.