Equivalency Determination (ED) Turnaround is Faster than Ever

At NGOsource, our mission is to make equivalency determination easier, both for grantmakers and NGOs. One of the ways we do it is by delivering completed EDs as quickly as possible. Grantmakers rely on us to send their ED certificates and summary legal analyses in time to meet their funding deadlines.

We commit to completing new EDs within six weeks, provided that NGOs are responsive to our requests for information. But in practice, we are getting them done much more quickly. Since July 2015, NGOsource has been completing new EDs in a little over four weeks on average, 30% faster than the previous year. This four-week average turnaround is for NGOs we are reviewing for the first time.

When grantmakers come to our portal to request an ED, one-quarter of the time they find that the NGO is already in our repository, so they can receive the ED certificate and legal analysis within one business day for only $250. Including those ED requests for already certified NGOs, our average turnaround has been only three weeks. This reduction in delivery time is the product of hard work by our team and partners, process improvements, and the learning that comes from our intensive focus on EDs.

Let us handle the legal work so that your foundation can focus on grantmaking – request an ED today to experience our efficient process firsthand.

Photograph © Howard Koons