Celebrating Our 2,000th ED Request

On October 3, NGOsource received its 2,000th equivalency determination (ED) request! Thanks so much to our member grantmakers, partners, and colleagues for all your support in getting us to this milestone.

These 2,000 ED requests represent grants to 1,353 unique organizations in 113 countries around the world, and we have supported those ED requests in five different languages. This milestone is an indication that our ED repository continues to grow rapidly, with an average of more than 100 ED requests per month in 2016.

The growth of our ED repository benefits both the grantmakers and the NGOs that we serve. The more EDs in our repository, the more value we can offer to our 150+ member grantmakers. When a grantmaker places an ED request, it's increasingly likely they will find it already completed in our repository, saving them time and money.

Our growing ED repository also helps more NGOs to streamline the process of receiving funding from grantmakers in the United States. If NGOsource has already completed an ED for an organization, and the ED is currently valid, we can provide an ED certificate and a summary legal analysis to other member grantmakers in the same business day with no additional paperwork.

We expect the rate of ED requests to continue to accelerate sharply in the coming months, and we are excited to have an increasingly valuable shared resource to offer to both grantmakers and NGOs around the world.

To add to our growing repository, sign up to become a member, or, if you're already a member, request a new ED.