Break Out the Party Hats! A Billion Reasons to Say Thank You

As NGOsource embarks on its 5th year anniversary, we are pleased that we have facilitated well over an estimated $1 billion in international philanthropic giving and received our 4,000th ED request! NGOsource continues to support international grantmaking at an exponential rate - it took us three and a half years to hit 2,000 requests, 9 months to reach 3,000, and less than six months to eclipse 4,000 requests. This is all due to the commitment that our grantmaker members have made to NGOsource’s shared repository model and the sector on the whole. International giving is increasingly more accessible to the entire grantmaking community, as members find an NGO already in our repository 38% of the time they make a request.

Join us! To add to our growing repository, sign up to become a member, or, if you're already a member, request a new ED.