10,000 Reasons to Celebrate

It feels like there is very little to celebrate in the world right now as we find ourselves in the midst of a global pandemic, systemic oppression of the Black community, and a climate crisis. Now, more than ever, it is vitally important for actors in the social sector to come together and support those who need it most. We at NGOsource are proud that we serve a role in removing barriers to philanthropy by facilitating and streamlining compliance. Our work allows grantmakers and NGOs to spend more time supporting their communities. 

This July, NGOsource met a significant milestone: We fulfilled and surpassed 10,000 equivalency determination (ED) requests since our launch in 2013. More than just a sizable number, 10,000 is a quantifiable illustration of a collaborative vision come to fruition. 

The idea of an ED repository began in 2006, when a consortium of international funders, together with the Council on Foundations, Foundation Center, and Independent Sector, began seeking a solution to the expensive, duplicative, and onerous exercise of obtaining ED opinions from tax and legal counsel. What launched in 2013 was a sophisticated technology solution that enabled NGOs to complete the ED diligence process online in one of five different languages. At the same time, it stored the information in a secure way that could be reused and renewed with little effort on the part of NGOs and with little cost to grantmakers. The TechSoup Global Network of NGOs around the world has been key to this process, providing support in local time zones and languages to NGOs undergoing equivalency. 

As part of its charitable mission, NGOsource has also taken every opportunity to share its expertise within the sector. We publish regular educational content for NGOs and grantmakers, speak at conferences, and present webinars. We provide access to pertinent local laws on our ED resource page, and generally act as a resource within the sector for international philanthropy, cross-border giving, and U.S. tax-exempt law. 

NGOsource continues to support international grantmaking at a prolific rate, demonstrating a clear demand from the sector. It took us five and a half years to reach 5,000 requests and only two years to double that amount. We have supported over 4,400 unique NGOs focused on a wide array of causes, from the environment to racial inequity, to LGBTQIA rights, to government transparency. Our reach spans nearly 150 countries, and our more than 450 grantmaker members have collectively saved approximately $40.5 million in administrative fees by working with us. 

We thank you for all you have done to support us over these past seven years and hope that this message from our partners, NGOs, and grantmakers will create a small spark of joy during these difficult times: