How It Works

Whether you seek to help organizations in a specific part of the world, want to reduce costs, or simply have an interest in expanding your giving, NGOsource can streamline your international grantmaking process.

Here's How NGOsource Works:

1. Submit your registration to become a member

2. Make an ED request using NGOsource's Grantmaker Portal

  • Every request starts with a search to see if we've already processed an ED for your intended grantee. If your grantee is not in the search results, you can still request an ED. Each ED request has a processing fee that is based on whether or not we have already processed an ED for that NGO and the status of that ED. Learn about our ED pricing.
  • New EDs typically take 4 to 6 weeks. The time is largely determined by the responsiveness of your grantee. ED requests for NGOs that have previously had an ED processed by NGOsource can be much faster.

3. We initiate the ED process

  • NGOsource's Grantmaker Portal prompts you to email your intended grantee to introduce them to NGOsource and explain that ED is an important step in your grantmaking process.
  • We then send a separate email to your intended grantee. It explains the ED process, introduces your grantee to the NGOsource global partner that will provide support through the process, and describes the questionnaire they need to fill out.

4. Your NGO completes the questionnaire

  • The online NGO Questionnaire contains legally and technically complex questions that the IRS requires. NGOsource does everything possible to help your grantee complete the questionnaire. Your grantee may contact its NGOsource partner at any time.
  • This phase of the process may take up to 4 weeks, depending on how long it takes your grantee to complete the questionnaire.

5. NGOsource begins the ED review process

  • The NGOsource partner checks the questionnaire for completeness and will ask your intended grantee for more information if needed.
  • The NGOsource team then evaluates the information provided by the grantee. Typically, our team completes an ED review within 4 U.S. business days. It may take longer if we need to ask your grantee for more information or, rarely, if the review is especially complex. Learn more about how we make the determination.

6. You receive notification

  • If your intended grantee is certified as equivalent to a U.S. public charity, you will receive an email with the news along with instructions on how to download and print your ED Certificate and the accompanying documentation. Learn more about the ED Certificate.
  • If your grantee is found "not certified," we will notify you and explain why. Other NGOsource members only see that the NGO does not have a current NGOsource certification. Your identity as the requesting grantmaker will remain confidential.

7. The NGO's information is held by NGOsource for other ED requests

  • NGOsource retains a file on the NGO with the information needed to process ED requests from other grantmakers. This information is kept secure and confidential. By using NGOsource, you have helped minimize the burden on your grantee caused by future ED requests.